Can Anyone Stop van Gerwen?

After defending his World Matchplay title last night, world number one Michael van Gerwen has now won the Masters, UK Open, the Premier League and World Matchplay in 2016. The Dutchman has been nothing short of sensational of late as the rest of the world’s top stars need search for a way to beat him. Over the week long tournament in Blackpool van Gerwen was never really pushed if the truth is told, as he was just far too good for the field. The big green machine is now starting to have the same effect that Phil Taylor had, where he would dominate tournaments for fun. The players will now head to Germany for a European Tour event this weekend before the top stars head to Australia for the next leg of the World Series.


van Gerwen In Action
van Gerwen In Action


The next major isn’t until the end of September, the rest of the PDC starts will have until then to find the extra needed in their games if they are to end van Gerwen’s winning streak. Over the last six months van Gerwen has dished out plenty of punishment to his rivals, with only Gary Anderson and James Wade finding regular success against the world number one. Adrian Lewis and Phil Taylor looked to be lacking a self-belief that they can beat van Gerwen after the Matchplay, as they came across broken men after their defeats in the semi-final and final in Blackpool. With five Majors between now and 2017, it would be a brave man to bet against van Gerwen to be holding all the TV majors at once by the time the World Championships have finished.

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