PDC Back To Vegas?

After the roaring success of the PDC Wolrd Series over the last three years, the PDC darting juggernaut looks set to return to American. The last time we saw the PDC on American soil was in 2009 when the last Las Vegas Desert Classic took place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. PDC chairman Barry Hearn is keen to reinvent Darts in America, but Hearn will need all his marketing knowledge and resources if the PDC are to tap into the lucrative sporting industry in the US. During the 80s and 90s, darts was one of America’s biggest indoor sports, when the BDO tour would spend up to three weeks at a time in America. Since the split in darts in 1993, the number of American’s playing, and travelling to play the tour is at an all time low. There are no American players that currently hold a PDC Tour Card, which is a far cry from the first PDC World Championship in 1994. The first year at the Circus Tavern seven players took part in the PDC World Championship. Now we only see as US Team once a year in the PDC World Cup Of Darts, this year Darren Youngs and Larry Butler were beaten in the first round by the Philippines.




Hearn has revealed “The next big push we’re going to do is we’re going back to America,”There’s slightly different promotional techniques you have to use in America. You have to give them some American winners.” “We’ll do a massive qualifier on site, so every player in North America gets a chance, and that will find the guys to compete in the event.” “The top eight are earning great money obviously, but they have a responsibility to spread the game, which they are embracing, and I’m thankful to them for that,”




Although nothing has been finalised, it’s widely thought that Hearn would like to go back to Las Vegas if America is to be added to the World Series. An American leg would be exciting and would complete the circle, as the PDC already goes to New Zealand, Austrailia, Dubai, China and Japan.


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